Grave Vengeance (2015)

Grave Vengeance by Flickering Candle Productions

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Grave Vengeance Movie

Official Selection Film Laurels 2015

The world economy has collapsed. Governments and society have crumbled. Chaos has rained across the world for years. Now society is starting to begin again. Towns are beginning to pop up here and there however the world is still a violent and dangerous place. It is the wild west everywhere.

Bill Walker is a man on a mission of revenge. He is hunting a band of raiders that raped and murdered his wife and daughter and left him for dead four years ago. He has become a vicious and efficient killer. He has only one goal the destruction of the gang and its leader Breck Connors. Only one man can walk away, leaving the other dead. Will Walker be able satisfy his grave vengeance? Some grudges never die…