Amanda Rainey

Amanda Rainey – Audio Engineer and Sound Designer

FCP_Staff_AR001Amanda Rainey is a Sound Designer and Audio Engineer from the Middle Tennessee area. She received her B.A. in Music from Cumberland University as an accomplished musician, and her Audio Engineering Diploma from SAE Institute of Technology. Since graduating in 2010, Ms. Rainey has worked on several projects in her career including two feature length independent films for Director George Demick of Flickering Candle Productions as well as a few smaller films for other local independent film makers. Upon completing her first project, she went on to set personal standards for her work that is met and exceeded in every project she does. The skill set for the projects she has worked on include but are not limited to field recording, Foley, sound editing, ADR, and mastering the final mix. Ms. Rainey is very accomplished in her budding career as a Sound Designer and is always looking forward to the next adventure in film sound.